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BoxIO 12G Cal Q

Purpose Built for Calibration

BoxIO 12G Cal Q is an advanced color management device designed for calibration and other static LUT use applications.

12Gbps SDI Input and Loop
4K/UHD output via Quad 3Gbps SDI
4K/UHD HDMI 2.0 compatible output
1D and 33x33x33 3D LUT support
Prototype pictured, final specifications subject to change.


Have a display that doesn't offer built-in 3D LUT based calibration? BoxIO interfaces directly with the industry's leading calibration software solutions for simple and accurate 3D LUT based display alignment.

Specially priced versions of CalMAN and LightSpace for FSI are available. BoxIO will also work with fully licensed versions of CalMAN Studio and LightSpace CMS.

Test Patch Generation

BoxIO 12G is equipped with an integrated test pattern generator allowing for manual test patch generation from the BoxIO Utility or automated test pattern generation from calibration software like LightSpace or CalMAN. Perform 3D LUT based calibration quickly and easily with BoxIO, a probe, and LightSpace or CalMAN.

Direct Upload

Upload LUTs generated from LightSpace CMS and CalMAN software directly to BoxIO without exiting or running additional programs.

Advantages Over Other Devices

BoxIO 12G Cal Q’s fan-less all aluminum design is durable, silent, and built for 24/7 operation
Support for 4:4:4 signals
10bit output at all frame rates, including UHD/4K at 50/60P
Both 3D and 1D LUT support
Test pattern generation
Built-in 12G to Quad 3G demux

Coming Soon

Anticipated list price $1,995

Pricing and specifications subject to change.