BoxIO Utility

The BoxIO Utility provides useful toggles and controls for management of your BoxIO unit and can be used in conjunction with other applications from FSI’s software partners.

Quickly change operation mode and channel settings, load LUTs to BoxIO to toggle On & Off quickly, Update Firmware, Manage BoxIO IP addresses and WiFi settings, and capture frames at full resolution that can be saved instantly as a .JPG, .BMP, or BoxIO .RAW image.

Monitor Utility

Please note the utility available for download requires the newest firmware versions for FSI Monitors and may have limited functionality based on the monitor model. Some units may respond to commands quicker than others so please be patient when sending commands.

Simply download and run the Utility. Enter the IP address of your monitor (System Menu) or BoxIO and hit connect. Once the monitor reads back it's serial number information and the program indicates you've connected in the bottom right hand corner you will be able to control your monitor.