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New Advanced BoxIO Capabilities

BoxIO continues to make its mark as an industry leading color management device with two new capabilities missing from most other LUT devices on the market.

DL-SDI Mode for support of SMPTE 372M Dual-Link SDI signals. BoxIO's support of 12bit 4:4:4 signals over your choice of 3G or Dual-Link SDI sets it apart from virtually all other LUT devices.

Manual Payload ID Selection. BoxIO can automatically detect Payload ID for simple configuration with any signal format. However, there are circumstances where Payload ID information may be incorrect or missing from your source. BoxIO has you covered with new Manual Payload ID options.

Learn more about BoxIO here.

Additional BoxIO Updates

The Dual-Link SDI and Manual Payload ID features are available as part of free updates to both BoxIO Firmware (version 1.45) and the BoxIO Utility (18.1). These updates also include the following enhancements and changes:

Improved frame capture performance.

Optional LUT processing bit depth toggle for .cube LUTs (8, 10, or 12 bit).

Range selection toggles simplified and performance improved.

BoxIO connection status moved to top of utility to be more visible.

Capture & Save File Name no longer requires carriage return to become active.

Updated OSD Menu Overlay to show Frame Recall status.

The updated BoxIO Utility is available here.

Updated BoxIO Firmware is available here.

Download the updated user manual.

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We will be at Magnanimous Media's Studio Two Open House in Chicago, IL Thursday, January 12th from 6pm to 9pm. Magnanimous Media will be showing off their new rental space and FSI will be on hand showcasing several of our award winning products including the DM250 OLED and DM170 Reference Production Monitor. For more information on this event contact