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3rd Generation Focus Assist for DM Series Monitors

DM Series monitors now come equipped with FSI's 3rd Generation Focus Assist. Key improvements found in this new focus assist feature include:
Smooth realtime performance with absolutely no lag that works in both normal and fast processing modes
Industry-leading adjustability of focus assist sensitivity and focus trace weight
Adjustable focus assist color: select from white, black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, and cyan
All adjustments are made from rotary knobs, no need to access menu for changes
Ability to show focus assist on downstream displays using DM Series processed monitor outputs

3rd Generation Focus assist is available as a part of free firmware update 1.1.04-2223 for DM Series monitors available here. This firmware update also features the following changes:
Detection and display of PsF signals as progressive has been fully automated
Adds Fast Mode support for 4:4:4 signals
Adds Fast Mode support for PsF signals displayed as progressive on screen
Adds New Custom Marker: Oxygen
Resolves DM240 Fast Mode bugs (flashing white dot in lower left of screen and image shifting 1 line lower).

BoxIO Utility Open Beta Update 0.19.4b

BoxIO Utility Public Beta build 0.19.4b is now available for download and features the following improvements:
Device slots can now be deleted
Device slot number 1, previously permanently labeled BoxIO #1, can now be renamed
Software now protects against multiple ScopeStream windows being opened for a single device, which may have led to unpredictable behavior in previous build
Various error checking to prevent unwanted disconnects when attempting to access unsupported behaviors
Connection status now shows "connecting" with ability to cancel action if needed as opposed to waiting for timeout
Learn more about the advanced ScopeStream capability now featured in the latest BoxIO Utility Beta Releases: