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ScopeStream within LiveGrade Pro 3.8

Pomfort has just released LiveGrade Pro 3.8 featuring ScopeStream integration for live video scopes from any BoxIO or DM series FSI monitor.

ScopeStream is different from most computer based scope solutions as it isn't necessary to send back full video to the computer for analysis and scope creation. Instead, video analysis and scope generation happen on the device itself and then just the scope data is transmitted back to the connected computer. For DITs this means you don't need an additional dedicated ingest device for scopes and you also don't need to tie up system resources analyzing video. While a standalone application like the FSI BoxIO Utility for ScopeStream is great if you are only using the computer for scopes, direct integration into applications like LiveGrade Pro is what we really hoped to see for customers already using BoxIO or a DM series monitor within their preferred live grading applications. We are incredibly pleased to see that Pomfort has made this a reality with this latest release of LiveGrade Pro.

Bram Desmet, CEO/GM Flanders Scientific, Inc.

See ScopeStream within LiveGrade in Action in this short Preview Video: