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Customizable Multi-Color Waveform

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Firmware version 1.1.04-2231 is now available as a free update for the DM170, DM240, and DM250 and features the following enhancements:

Fully customizable thresholds for each Real Time Waveform mode allowing you to color code your waveform display into 6 zones along whatever thresholds you prefer.

Dedicated Real Time Scopes menu allowing for adjustment of Real Time Scope parameters in addition to the fast access rotary knob controls.

Selectable waveform trace color is something users have been requesting for sometime. The new Multi-Color Waveform capability meets this need and goes a step further by allowing you to set multiple thresholds on the waveform for up to 6 ranges shown in up to 6 different trace colors. This functionality can make your waveform much easier and faster to read by identifying various ranges of interest in unique and easy to distinguish colors.

Bram Desmet, CEO/GM Flanders Scientific, Inc.

For more information on customizable multi-color waveform usage, see page 21 of the updated DM series user manual.