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Date Version For Notes
1.29.2024 1.9.5 IPRU Fixed Delete LUT bug in BoxIO Dual Channel mode.
1.18.2024 1.9.4 IPRU MacOS bug fixed: Shortcuts > Monitor menu hotkey listing for Anticlockwise Volume.
10.30.2023 1.9.3 IPRU MacOS build reissued as notarized application.
10.2.2023 1.9.3 IPRU Adds support for XMP550.
3.9.2022 1.9.2 IPRU Adds support for DM160 models.
8.31.2022 1.9.1 IPRU Adds ability to save Look / 3D LUT via IPRU for DM series models.
See User Manual for more information.
8.17.2022 1.9.0 IPRU Adds support for new DM series models.
12.7.2021 1.8.9 IPRU Adds support for BM241, BM420, BM550 models.
Supports MacOS Monterey.
4.19.2021 1.8.7 IPRU (Mac) Adds support for AM211 & BM211 models.
12.8.2020 1.8.6 IPRU Removes Trilinear LUT Interpolation selections
5.4.2020 1.8.4 IPRU Delete button now allows LUT positions to be replaced with a Unity LUT.
4.20.2020 1.8.3 IPRU (Mac) Updated Settings page for BoxIO to show IP address of currently connected BoxIO.
2.3.2020 1.8.2 IPRU Remembers theme selection.
12.6.2019 1.8.1 IPRU Added Dark Theme selection for PC.
Added hotkey shortcuts for Theme selection.
12.2.2019 1.8.0 IPRU - Mac Added theme selection for Dark Theme.
8.5.2019 1.7.3 IPRU Revised menu showing keyboard commands more clearly.
8.2.2019 1.7.2 IPRU Expands keyboard shortcut functionality.
Adds Shortcut menu detailing available hotkeys.

Known Bug: Toggling LUTs on BoxIO by clicking in the utility may make the slider unresponsive to keyboard commands.
7.22.2019 1.7.1 IPRU Adds functionality for XM series monitors including changing inputs, toggling functions, and menu navigation.
7.16.2019 1.7.0 IPRU Adds computer keybaord shortcuts for inputs, functions, and menu navigation on AM/BM/CM/DM Monitors.
5.23.2019 1.6.9 IPRU Update to BoxIO Range selection and status pages.
Supported by BoxIO Firmware 1.57
4.15.2019 1.6.7 IPRU Adds control for Trilinear and Tetrahedral LUT Interpolation settings on BoxIO.
Supported by BoxIO Firmware 1.56
3.29.2019 1.6.6 IPRU Adds User Profile Save & Load, Adds rotary knob control for monitors.
7.05.2018 1.6.3 IPRU Changes XM series LUT loading menu structure to be more user friendly.
4.06.2018 1.6.0 IPRU Implements loading 3D Calibration LUTs for XM Series.
3.20.2018 1.5.0 IPRU Adds preliminary support for XM series monitors.
1.23.2018 1.3.0 IPRU Gain expansion selection added to ScopeStream Vectorscope.
1.12.2018 1.2.2 IPRU Last used devices are remembered through program cycle.
12.18.2017 1.2.0 IPRU ScopeStream Waveform and Vectorscope windows can now be launched independently.
ScopeStream windows are resizable.
ScopeStream trace can now be toggled between green and white.
Fixed a timecode bug in capture frame feature.
10.02.2017 1.1 IPRU ScopeStream and Frame Capture window titles update when device name is changed.
Resolve various bugs that could keep a device from connecting correctly.
9.22.2017 1.0 IPRU Unified Application contains tabs to manage both BoxIO and AM, BM, CM, & DM series monitors.
ScopeStream official initial release.
3.10.2017 1.4 Monitors Fixes a bug which may have prevented Screen Capture from DM240
1.9.2017 18.1 BoxIO Improves Frame Capture Function
Fixes a bug where Save and Capture file name failed to update when changed
Moved Connection Status indicator to top Status Window
Updated Range Selections include: Video, Extended, SMPTE Full, and Full Range
Added Input Format selection with manual override for Dual-Link signals and 3G signals missing Payload ID
Added Set Cube LUT Processing Precision selection - See User Manual for more information
10.24.2016 17.7 BoxIO ‘Apply LUT’ selection modified. There are now separate ‘Signal Range’ and ‘Apply LUT’ selections. The ‘Within Signal Range’ selection was the default behavior for ‘Apply LUT’ prior to this release. See user manual for details.
Frame Callback button added to all modes. Allows frames captured in BoxIO RAW format to be played back from BoxIO as reference frames.
‘Capture and Save’ functionality improved.
Adds description to some error feedback messages.
10.24.2016 1.3 Monitors Adds Network Speed Menu settings for DM series frame captures. See User Manual for additional details.
10.06.2016 1.00.01 Monitors Remembers last IP addressed used when opening utility.
09.01.2016 0.17.4 BoxIO
FW 1.30
FW 1.31
Enables LUT capability in TPG mode.
Adds Frame Capture buffer clear when switching modes.
08.19.2016 0.17.1 BoxIO
FW 1.26
Adds Channel 2 Output selection for Mode 2 Channel 1 Input for LUT Stacking workflows.
Improves Frame Capture performance
Enables clean pass of ancillary data.
08.16.2016 0.17.0 BoxIO
FW 1.25
** Deprecated ** Replaced immediately by 17.1 and FW Version 1.26.
08.8.2016 1.00.00 Monitors Control basic monitor functions over IP address including Menu, Input, and Function selections.
Full Resolution Frame Capture available on DM Series monitors.
08.01.2016 0.16.8 BoxIO
FW 1.23
Adds support for more TPG formats and Window & Full Frame setting.