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Introducing The XMP310

31.5" QD-OLED HDR & SDR Reference Display

Flanders Scientific is excited to officially announce the latest addition to our XMP Series Monitor lineup, the 31.5" UHD XMP310 QD-OLED HDR & SDR Reference Display.

The XMP310 is built around the same industry leading QD-OLED panel technology as our HPA Award winning 55" XMP550. With 1,000nits peak luminance, uncompromising OLED contrast ratio, and an exceptionally wide color gamut the XMP310 is ready to handle your most demanding HDR and SDR monitoring needs.

The Industry Evolves

The XMP310 marks an important evolution in the professional monitoring market for several key reasons:

  • The XMP310 offers an exceptional visual match to the larger XMP550 and XMP650. The difficult days of trying to match smaller 31" displays of one technology to larger displays of a different technology are behind us. The shared QD-OLED panel technology across 31", 55", and 65" monitoring options ensures a level of consistency that the industry simply has not seen across these size ranges.
  • Phenomenal off-axis viewing performance. Color and Contrast remain consistent from any viewing position, which tackles one of the biggest complaints with the majority of previous 31" HDR monitoring options.
  • Reference grade performance: The XMP310 is RGB additive for white (no display color volume collapse), gets bright enough for HDR, and as an OLED with per pixel level illumination doesn’t suffer from any FALD limitations or artifacts like many other HDR displays.
  • Efficient, Durable, and Lightweight. Works great in a grading suite, but also exceptionally practical to bring on set as it can be powered from 24V 3 PIN XLR, features an all metal chassis, and weighs just 17.8lbs (8 kg).
  • The XMP310 is exceptionally capable as an SDR monitor, matching all the performance criteria of the best SDR monitors with the added benefit of HDR capability. Many HDR display technologies get bright, but at the sacrifice of several other important performance benchmarks, which often left users preferring their trusty SDR OLEDs for SDR work. The XMP310 excels at both HDR and SDR.
  • More affordable than ever: with an MSRP of $10,995 and a limited time introductory price of just $9,995 the XMP310 makes true professional grade HDR reference monitoring more affordable than ever before.

The XMP310 will start shipping Q1 of 2024 and can be pre-ordered today at a special introductory price of $9,995.