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Join us at BSC in London!

We’re excited to be participating in BSC Expo in London on February 16th & 17th! This year Flanders Scientific will be exhibiting alongside Mission in Stand 206. We will be showcasing our HPA Award winning XMP550 and our just announced XMP310 will be making its official UK debut, while Mission will be utilizing a DM160 on a cutting-edge LiveGrade setup.

Clear Protective Cover for XMP310

We now offer a clear protective screen cover for the XMP310. Made of optical grade 1/4" thick cast acrylic, the cover’s primary function is to prevent damage to the panel.

  • Protects panel from fingers and other foreign objects
  • Secure fastening with provided metal thumb screws
  • Does not obstruct buttons or knobs
  • High optical purity
  • Transmission efficiency > 92%
  • Color Shift < 0.0003 x,y

This product is available for purchase at

Accessories for XMP310

Many more accessories for the XMP310 are on the way.

Stay tuned for more details!