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ST2084 HDR Preview Modes on DM Series

FSI’s DM Series monitors have included HDR Preview Mode monitoring for quite some time, but in this new document we go into more detail on how it works and how to utilize it.

XM310K 31" 4K Mastering Monitor

What makes the XM310K special? Take a quick look in this new new highlight reel.

Firmware Updates

Firmware updates for the XM Series (2.1.10) and BoxIO (1.63) feature the following changes:

XM310K 12bit support bug fix.
12bit signals now supported over single link 12Gbps and dual 6Gbps SDI in addition to previously supported Quad 3G SDI.

XM Series Look/LUT bug fix.

BoxIO Single/Dual Channel bug fix.
Fixed intermittent bug that could prevent some BoxIO devices from successfully switching between Single and Dual Channel mode.

Download the newest firmware updates here.

New FSI Masks

Comfortable dual-layer public grade masks with adjustable ear straps now available at