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New GaiaColor AutoCal Probe Integrations for XMP Series Monitors

We are pleased to announce four additional probe integrations for GaiaColor Direct Connect Volumetric AutoCal on XMP series monitors in addition to the already supported Colorimetry Research CR100.

New probe integrations include:
xRite i1D3DS OEM
Minolta CA210*
Minolta CA310*
Minolta CA410

With the addition of the xRite iD3DS OEM integration, XMP series monitors can now be calibrated more affordably than ever before. While slower than higher-end colorimeters like the CR100 (over two times faster), great care has been taken to ensure that these extremely inexpensive probes still produce fantastic results.

Example results, as verified with a high-end spectroradiometer, of a GaiaColor AutoCal calibration with an i1D3DS OEM are shown below.

“The i1D3DS OEM integration with XMP series monitors furthers FSI’s commitment to making calibration easier, more affordable, and more accessible than ever before.” - Bram Desmet, CEO

The i1D3DS OEM is also compatible with the majority of Calman and ColourSpace license levels, including the incredibly affordable ColourSpace DPS, providing an array of available options for customers that desire detailed validation and reporting solutions.

*Minolta CA210 & CA310 integration is limited to the 10mm measurement spot size versions of these probes (rated to 3,000nits) as the 27mm measurement spot size versions are not rated to handle the maximum luminance output of XMP series monitors.

XMP Series AutoCal Video

Learn more about using AutoCal on XMP Series Monitors by watching this short video.