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XM310K Firmware Updates

The newest firmware update for the XM310K HDR reference monitor is now available!

Resolves bug that may have required reselection of EOTF if switching from one gamut option to another with the same primaries while in GaiaColor mode

The algorithms used for the Peak Optimized Modulation Mode have been vastly improved based on extensive user feedback and months of additional R&D

The 3 available backlight modulation modes are now assignable to function keys for faster switching between Peak, Motion, and Contrast modes

Want to learn more about these selectable modulation modes? Click Here

Resolved some AWB process bugs

Resolved some Function Button response bugs

Requires new AWB calibration after update if updating from firmware older than 1.1.69.

Download the newest firmware updates here.

Assimilate Integration

We are happy to announce that the newest software offerings from ASSIMILATE integrate with our BoxIO LUT box and DM Series monitors.

To learn more about how you can utilize Assimilate software to streamline your on-set live grading, look creation, and advanced video monitoring/recording, click here.

Folding/Rosetta @Home

Have big iron sitting idle at home? Want to put it to good use during quarantine?

Consider participating in the Folding@Home or Rosetta@Home initiative. By simply running a free program, you can utilize your idle computer to help advance research in medicine, clean energy, and materials science.

Our own brand-new Mac Pro is busy folding with Rosetta@Home.

In fact, it currently stands in the top 5% of machines!