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HDR Lab at NAB 2024

NAB is just over 2 weeks away, and we’d like to invite all NAB attendees to see our entire monitor lineup on display at Booth SL7089.

We are also thrilled to announce a unique educational initiative for this year’s NAB called The HDR Lab. The HDR Lab is a by-appointment small meeting space on the show floor, close to our primary booth, that will be configured as a grading suite and presentation area.

The HDR Lab will offer three different experiences that visitors can register for:

Ask the Expert with Robbie Carman of DC Color. Robbie is an experienced professional colorist featured in the Dolby Institute’s "Creating in Dolby Vision for Professionals" tutorial series. Whether you are just getting into HDR grading or want to discuss HDR color grading tips and best practices, these sessions are a great learning opportunity.

Ask the Expert with Nate McFarlin of Dolby. Nate is a Senior Content Engineer at Dolby and a great resource for those wanting to know more about Dolby Vision. Whether you are new to HDR or just want to learn more about the Dolby Vision content creation process, these sessions are a great opportunity to learn more about the Dolby Vision ecosystem.

Make the Grade. Want to try your hand at grading some HDR content on our HPA Award-Winning XMP550 QD-OLED reference display? We’re offering several short 30-minute sessions throughout the week, giving visitors an opportunity to get some firsthand experience with one of our latest reference displays.

The HDR Lab is a small space that will only accommodate a few visitors at a time, and the number of available sessions is quite limited. So, we encourage you to book an appointment today!

Email to reserve a session!

Firmware 2.4.41 Now Available for all XMP Series Monitors

This build adds support for the Klein K10A and K80 colorimeters to GaiaColor AutoCal. XMP monitor owners now have 7 excellent probes to choose from for XMP series monitor calibration:

Colorimetry Research CR100
Klein K10A
Klein K80
Minolta CA210 (10mm)
Minolta CA310 (10mm)
Minolta CA410
xRite i1D3DS OEM

Download Firmware build 2.4.41 at

NAB Advance Purchase Floor Model Sale

Over 60% of NAB Advance Purchase Floor Models are now sold.

Visit to see what is still up for grabs at incredible savings.