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NAB 2024 Preview

NAB starts this Sunday! If you are attending, we encourage you to visit us at Booth SL7089 to see our entire product lineup, including our three recently released QD-OLED reference monitors.

We will also showcase some of the recently released and upcoming features for the XMP series lineup, including a sneak preview of Quad-View Mode with 4-Channel LUT Support, coming later this year. With this new Quad-View Mode, up to 4 synchronized input signals can be displayed on screen at the same time with just a single button press.

Additionally, each quadrant can have its own unique 3D LUT applied, allowing for simultaneous viewing of not only four distinct inputs but also distinct Look or Technical Transfer LUTs per quadrant.

Case31 for XMP310 Now In Stock

This custom hardshell transport case is a great way to transport an XMP310 monitor and accessories. It can be used with no monitor attachments or with the FSI Solutions VESA to LightStand mount, Clear Protective Cover for XMP310, Multifunctional Receiver T-Plate, and FSI Solutions Hood for XMP310.

Now In Stock at

NAB Advance Purchase Floor Model Sale

Over 80% of NAB Advance Purchase Floor Models are now sold.

Visit to see what is still up for grabs at incredible savings.