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XM310K Firmware Update

The XM310K continues to lead the way in very high luminance, high contrast, HDR mastering applications thanks to its exceptional 3,000nits peak luminance capability and 3,000,000:1 contrast. The newest firmware update (2.0.01) for the XM310K is now available with the following powerful enhancements:

Greatly enhanced support for 3rd party calibration LUTs in Dynamic (modulated backlight) Luminance Modes. Users may now utilize the Dynamic Luminance Mode directly from the USER, LightSpace, and CalMAN Color System selections.

Updates to GaiaColor Color System selection, now supports static luminance modes (e.g LUM100) in addition to the previously supported Dynamic Luminance Modes.

Vastly improved Peak Mode optimized backlight algorithms for all Color System selections.

Best of all, the XM310K is still available at $22,500, less than most 1,000nit professional mastering monitors. Learn more about the XM310K here.

Download the newest firmware update here.

Colorimetry Research Probe Calibration in Europe

Flanders Scientific Europe is happy to announce that it is now an authorized Colorimetry Research recalibration and recertification facility. Colorimetry Research clients throughout Europe may arrange for instrument calibration and recertification through FSI’s office in Lier, Belgium.

As part of FSI’s longstanding commitment to calibration accuracy, CRI spectroradiometers and colorimeters have become an integral part of the day-to-day workflow at Flanders Scientific.

“Our US office has benefited greatly from CRI’s fast and reliable probe recalibration service in California” says Bram Desmet, CEO of Flanders Scientific. “We wanted to replicate that experience for both our own EU office and other CRI users throughout Europe, so we are incredibly excited about this new partnership” says Karl Huysmans, Manager of EU Operations at Flanders Scientific.

Guillermo Keller, President of CRI, says "We are very pleased to have FSI Europe as an authorized calibration and certification center for our instruments as we believe this brings a lot of added value and convenience to our EU based clients."

To inquire about Colorimetry Research probe calibration services in Europe please contact:

Collaborate with Confidence Special

Our Work From Home and Remote Collaboration special continues: for a limited time buy one DM240, get one for $1,000 off! Remote collaboration benefits greatly from knowing that viewers on both sides are looking at the same image and it is our hope that this special offer makes this goal more achievable.

Use coupon code "WFH" at to take advantage of this special work from home offer.

Monitors can be shipped to the same or separate locations, if shipping to separate locations please place two orders, one for each shipping address, with the same coupon code. You will receive $500 off of each order for a $1,000 total discount. Offer is limited to two units per purchaser. A similar deal is available in Europe, contact to order.

IP Remote Utility Update

Version 1.8.3 of the IPRU is now available and pre-populates the "Change IP" field for BoxIO devices on the settings tab with the device's current IP address to avoid confusion.

Download the latest IPRU here.