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Firmware Release 2.4.45 for XMP Series Monitors

A new firmware release (2.4.45) for XMP series monitors is now available for free download! This update includes:

New Quad View Mode Function
Assign 3G/HD_INx4 to a function button to quickly toggle in and out of Quad View mode with a single button press. This quad view mode allows up to 4 synchronized HD input signals to be displayed on screen at the same time.

New Smooth Gradient Function
This new capability can be enabled to reduce quantization and improve the perceived smoothness of gradients, especially when dealing with high bit depth PQ EOTF signals.

See updated user manual for more details on these features.

This build also includes:

4 Channel Look / DIT LUT functionality for 4 x HD signals - BETA Implementation
With this beta you can load an independent Look LUT to each channel of a quad view image. If you are interested in testing the first iteration of this functionality please contact our support team for instructions on how to use this for now. An expanded and streamlined version of this capability is under continued development so expect several more updates before the final release of this feature.

Bug fix for 720P support on XMP310

Hood31 Now in Stock

The Hood31 for XMP310 monitors is now in stock! This custom hood features a snap-on design, three-sided and four-sided configurations, elastic rear skirt, and a rain cover to provide superior shade and moisture protection in any environment.

Order now at