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New Firmware for XM Monitors

A new firmware update for XM Monitors (2.1.20) is now available and features new functionality and important changes:

Quick-Access Configurations - Allows you to quickly and easily save up to 5 custom configurations and switch between them with a single button press.

Unifies firmware for all XM models into a single universal build.

Download the newest firmware updates here.

Case24-1 and Case24-2

The new Case24-1 and Case24-2 are now available. These custom hardshell transport cases are a great way to transport a DM240 monitor and accessories. The Case24-1 is designed to transport a single monitor, whereas the Case24-2 can house two monitors.

Utilizes custom foam designed specifically for the DM240.

Allows you to place monitor into the case with MM100 VESA to LightStand mount still attached.

Purchase these products here.

AM211 and BM211 Videos

Take a look at our videos highlighting the new AM211 and BM211 monitors!