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New Lighter Rack Mount Kits for BoxIO

This newer version of the BoxIO rack mount kit is 1.4 lbs lighter than the original version. It still allows for flexible mounting of up to 4 BoxIO in a single RU. This rack mount provides two mounting positions for each BoxIO, either on the face of the rack or recessed within the rack several inches. Includes screws for attaching BoxIO to rack mount kit.

Available now at

BM241 Overview Video

Learn more about the BM241 in this brief overview video.

Hood24B Back in Stock

The popular Hood24B is now back in stock. It is the ideal accessory for DM240 & DM241 monitors being used in the field, providing shade to the monitor when used in direct sunlight or other brightly lit conditions. Hoods for BM211 and BM241 are also available.

Available now at

Updated User Manuals

Updated user manuals for DM and BM series monitors have recently been posted and include several revisions, corrections, and expanded sections for greater clarity. Download the latest user manuals here.