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Updated BoxIO User Manual

The BoxIO user manual has been updated to version 11.1.2021. This version includes detailed initial setup information, as well as sample Signal Path Diagrams and best practices for single channel and dual channel operation.

View the .pdf

The latest BoxIO Firmware (version 1.68) can be found here.
The latest IP Remote Utility (version 1.8.7) can be found here.

Initial BoxIO Configuration on a Wired Network

IBC Announcement

Flanders Scientific will not be exhibiting at IBC2021 in Amsterdam this December. We have made the decision not to attend based primarily on these two factors:

The current near record surge of COVID cases in The Netherlands.

Earlier this week the CDC elevated The Netherlands to its highest “avoid travel” risk level.

We look forward to seeing visitors at future events including our first confirmed trade show of 2022, NAB in Las Vegas from April 22 - 27.