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Dark Theme for the IP Remote Utility

We are pleased to announce the highly anticipated Dark Theme for the IP Remote Utility. Using this new theme helps prevent unwanted ambient brightness, making it ideal for use in professional light-controlled environments. This new functionality operates as a toggle, so whether you love the brilliant glow of the Light Theme or the brooding shade of the Dark Theme, you can easily choose between whichever theme suits you best.

This functionality is currently available exclusively for Mac.

You can download the new IP Remote Utility (v1.8.0) for Mac here.

XM Series Firmware Update

The newest firmware update (version 1.1.74) for XM Series Monitors is now live!

  • Adds 444 RGB signal support to Waveform & Vector Scope.
  • Adds two additional user configuration memory positions, 5 total now.
  • User configurations now save rotary knob settings.

You can download the newest firmware here!