Multifunctional Receiver T-Plate 2

The 2nd Generation Multifunctional Receiver T-Plate adds more attachment points, an integrated handle, and additional battery plate mounting points for even greater flexibility than the original MRTPLATE design. MRTPLATE2 enables you to quickly and securely mount a wide variety of supplemental devices to your monitor. It is designed to attach between the monitor’s chassis and any 100mm VESA mounting device, including VESA to Light/C-Stand adapters (MM100) and standard 100mm VESA desktop stands.

The MRTPLATE2 features both 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 threaded holes as accessory attachment points. It is equipped with 10 countersunk M4 holes allowing the plate to be attached in either a low, mid, or high position on a wide variety of monitor sizes. These countersunk plate attachment points allow the plate to be affixed without interfering with any of the equipment mounted to the surface of the MRTPLATE2. 10 threaded M4 holes allow desktop or VESA to LightStand / C-Stand adapters to be mounted in low, mid, or high positions on the MRTPLATE2 depending on your application needs.

The MRTPLATE2 has a series of 10 integrated spacers that provide for sufficient airflow to the monitor and attached accessories while still maintaining a low profile. These spacers also help to ensure that screw ends from attached accessories do not dig into the monitor’s chassis.

The T-Shape design of this plate has been made to specifically stay clear of the battery plate and inputs on most FSI monitor models while still allowing for a large number of mounting points for attached equipment. MRTPLATE2 also has 4 battery plate mounting points that allow battery plates to be attached to the MRTPLATE2 instead of the monitor directly.

The MRTPLATE2 is designed to allow users to continue using FSI Solutions snap-on hoods with their monitors while the MRTPLATE2 is attached. The MRTPLATE2 can also remain attached for transport in several FSI Solutions transport cases including the TC27, TC32, CASE24-1, CASE24-2, CASE25, CASE25D, CH17, CH21, CH22, and CH25. The MRTPLATE2 has been designed to work with 16.5" - 31" FSI monitors, but will also work on most other monitors with 100mm VESA mounting points.

The MRTPLATE2 is made in the USA of durable anodized aluminum.