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Volumetric AutoCal

The XM312U and all DM series Flanders Scientific monitors support Volumetric AutoCal. This allows supported probes to be plugged directly into the monitor for fast, accurate, and simple calibration. AutoCal supports the Colorimetry Research CR100, the Klein Instruments K10A & K80, the Minolta CA310 & CA410, and the xRite i1D3 OEM (fw 2.29c or later).*

Unlike many White Balance only Auto Calibration routines our AutoCal uses volumetric data to accurately target a wide variety of color spaces. 3D and 1D LUTs are calculated for all available color space selections on the monitor and directly saved to the display during the AutoCal routine as one simple unified operation, all without requiring a computer.

AutoCal support does not prevent you from using Calman, LightSpace, ColourSpace, or any other preferred calibration program capable of exporting LUTs in FSI compatible formats. FSI is committed to an open calibration platform that allows operators to use the calibration solution that best suits their needs or preferences and AutoCal is just one of those many options.

For enterprise-level clients, AM and BM series monitors running firmware version 2.0.00-2303 or later also support Volumetric AutoCal using the serial connection of the Minolta CA310.

*Probe compatibility may vary by monitor model, contact Flanders Scientific for details.

Monitor Quick Guide
DM Series PDF | Video

Industry Leading Third Party Integration

Portrait's Calman Studio

All SDR FSI monitors are compatible with Calman Studio. FSI also offers several probe and software bundles featuring Calman for FSI, a more affordable version of Calman Studio that only exports in FSI LUT formats. Calman for FSI is compatible with popular colorimeters including the the i1Display, C6, CR100, and K10A. For AutoCal users Calman offers an easy to read way to validate calibration results.

See all available Calman Studio options here.


All FSI monitors are compatible with LightSpace and ColourSpace CMS. FSI offers a wide variety of LightIllusion based solutions ranging from the affordable LTE license levels up to the full ColourSpace program. For AutoCal users ColourSpace offers a truly unique volumetric assessment tool for verifying calibration results.

See all available LightSpace options here.

Calibration Quick Guides - AM/BM/CM/DM Series Monitors

Quick start calibration guides for some of the most popular probe and test pattern generator combinations. Additional resources are also available from Portrait and LightIllusion.

Probe TPG Quick Guide
I1 Display Pro Resolve PDF | Video
CR100 Resolve PDF
I1 Display Pro BoxIO PDF
Probe TPG Quick Guide
I1 Display Pro Resolve CS PDF | LS PDF | Video
CR100 Resolve CS PDF | LS PDF
I1 Display Pro BoxIO CS PDF | LS PDF

Calibration Quick Guides - XM Series

Quick start calibration guides for XM Series monitors.


*Note: Calman can only be used for SDR calibration.

Monitor Quick Guide
XM551U, XM552U, XM650U, XM651U, XM652U PDF
LightSpace & ColourSpace

LightSpace versions featuring direct LUT upload. ( and later)

Monitor Quick Guide
LS Video
XM551U, XM552U, XM650U, XM651U, XM652U LS PDF
Monitor Quick Guide
XM310K PDF | Video

Colorimeter Matrix Creation

Colorimeters (e.g. i1d3, CR100, K10A) are faster and more affordable measuring devices than reference spectroradiometers (e.g. CR250, CR300), but they are not light source (display type) agnostic. For the most accurate measurement performance colorimeters should have separate matrices available for each display technology to be measured and each colorimeter should be individually calibrated. FSI is happy to make matrices for various FSI monitor models when customers purchase a colorimeter from us or send their colorimeter to us for calibration, but if you have access to your own spectroradiometer the guides below can be followed for on-site colorimeter matrix creation.

Target & Reference Meter Application Quick Guide
CR100 & CR250 CRI Colorimeter Utility PDF | Video
I1 Display Pro & CR250 LightSpace PDF
I1 Display Pro & CR250 Calman Studio PDF
I1 Display Pro & CR300 ColourSpace PDF

Factory Calibration

FREE recalibration at FSI’s Atlanta, GA or Lier, Belgium service centers. You pay for shipping, but the calibration service is free for the life of the monitor.

Request RMA For Calibration

Auto White Balance

Direct Connect Automatic Alignment* with the Minolta CA-310 Colorimeter. Fast, easy, and automatic white balance calibration of any FSI monitor with one of the industry’s premier colorimeters. No computer required. Purchase it from FSI to get the CA-310 preloaded with easy to access custom matrices for all FSI display technologies, helping to ensure unprecedented measurement accuracy.
*Requires DCAA Kit Adapter.

Hire Someone to do it for you

Check out these partners worldwide offering onsite calibration for a fee.

Southern California

FSI Monitor calibration with Calman Studio and a Colorimetry Research CR300 Spectroradiometer. LightSpace CMS based calibration also available through special arrangement. Avical also offers CR100 rentals locally in Southern California for those that would like affordable access to a probe for AutoCal.

3619 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
Phone: 877.428.4225


FSI Monitor calibration with LightSpace using CRI CR-250 and CR-100.

Unit 2 Buspace Studios
Conlan Street (Middle Row)
London W10 5AP
Phone: +442089644965

FSI Monitor calibration with LightSpace using CRI CR-250 and CR-100.

Unit 6, Wooburn Industrial Park
Soho Cres, HP10 0PE
Phone: +0208756 0852


FSI Monitor calibration in Eastern Europe, using JETI 1211 spectroradiometer, Klein K10A colorimeter and LightSpace or Calman software.

Warszawska 112
05-090 Raszyn
Phone: +48 510 080 434


FSI Monitor calibration in Europe, using Calman studio, Photoresearch Spectro Duo PR680, & CRI CR-100.

Aurelien Branthomme
+33 1 4917 6146
+33 6 6692 9152

Danys Bruyere
+33 1 4917 6000
+33 6 6139 1303


FSI Monitor calibration in Australia, using Klein K10A colorimeter and LightSpace software.

Phone: +61 2 8850 3791

Baltic States

FSI Monitor calibration in Baltic States, using CR250, CR100, Calman and LightSpace

Kopli 6
Tallinn 10412, Estonia
+372 555 00 57



FSI Monitor calibration with Calman Ultimate, Klein K10A colorimeter and offsets created by Flanders with a CRI CR300 spectroradiometer.

Helling 466
3523CC Utrecht
+31(0)30 2316360