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RGB Top Emission OLED Service Bulletin

The 24.5” Top Emission RGB OLED Panels used in the AM250, CM250, and DM250 are sole source panels that went out of production in 2018. The supplier of these panels has ceased all OLED production and as a result several of their previous upstream suppliers have also stopped producing key components for these panels. We have taken many measures to source and stock components that may be necessary for repair of these panels, but some of these supplies are finite. With these conditions in mind clients should be advised of the following:

Monitors are covered by a 2 year warranty. If the panel should fail for any warrantable reason within this 2 year period we will repair it at no charge.

FSI also has a limited stock of refurbished panels in various conditions and at various prices that may be purchased should a client scratch or damage their panel. Stock of these panels will fluctuate with time as panels are sold and as we continue to source and refurbish panels as practicable. Please inquire with our support department for availability.

In an effort to maintain sufficient parts stock both for in-warranty and just-outside-of-warranty monitors we will no longer service RGB OLED panels more than 5 years old. It is important to note that this 5 year cap pertains only to the OLED assembly (panel and integrated panel components as received from panel supplier). Separate parts like the input/output and processor board, keypad, power supply, etc. are parts we can continue to produce ourselves as needed for the foreseeable future. Repairs of these non-panel parts will continue to be available at our standard non-panel flat repair fee regardless of age of the OLED monitor.

Customers with monitors outside of warranty, but less than 5 years old, in need of repair to the actual RGB OLED panel should keep in mind that the maximum usable lifespan of these displays is rated at approximately 30,000 hours. To that end, if a monitor has been used 24/7 for over 3 years it may not be wise to repair the panel as it will soon reach the end of its usable life. Repair of the RGB OLED panels is a specialized task that must be performed with the correct equipment at the factory by a trained technician. To this end, turnaround time for these repairs will be longer than the turnaround time for repair / replacement of other parts. Most RGB OLED panel repairs can be done for $500, but this is subject to review by our support staff depending on the nature of the necessary repair. Scratches, gouges, cracks, and other physical panel damage are not repairable.

For any questions related to this topic please call +1.678.835.4934 or email