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Limited-time Offer on XM310K

We believe 2020 is the year when HDR goes from niche to mainstream. In an effort to make professional HDR monitoring more accessible than ever before we are offering an incredible, limited-time, sales price on the XM310K. This monitor is one of the brightest commercially available professional HDR monitors on the market and is exceptionally well suited for Dolby Vision mastering applications. Get 3,000 nits peak luminance, 2,000+ LED zones, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and professional 12Gbps SDI inputs for just $22,500!

You can learn more about the award-winning XM310K here.

Other Offers

$2,500 off MSRP on XM311K, only at

The XM311K, features an innovative dual-layer LMCL panel that exhibits no halation, flare, or loading behavior ensuring picture perfect black levels at all times.

The XM311K qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor and has quickly become our most popular HDR mastering solution.

$100 off MSRP on the DM240, only at

The perfect complement to either the XM310K or XM311K, the DM240 is an ideal solution for HDR mastering applications that require a well-matched SDR deliverable.

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